Orion Engineering is capable of providing smart and flexible solutions for our innovative partners in diverse technical sectors. Whether we are looking to fill an assignment or finding the right candidate for a job, Orion Engineering knows how to get the job done with its commitment and personal touch. These are the industries where Orion Engineering is active:

The automotive industry is mainly concentrated in the Brainport Eindhoven region, where global leaders and top research and training institutes are located. In this dynamic field you are at the cusp of the developments of the latest technologies of leading brands, such as the development and production of lorries and buses, as well as engine design and E-technology. With a background in mechanical engineering, electronics or (technical) software, you will find assignments with us that match your skills. Key (global) companies in this segment are DAF, TNO and VDL and Orion Engineering offers challenging career perspectives with these leading clients. See our job opportunities in this field right away.

Finite fossil fuels are still our biggest source of energy. The demand for environmentally friendly and sustainable energy is growing and is presenting complex challenges to this sector. Besides the developments at the source, there is a lot of innovation underway in energy transport as well, also by competitors. Risk management, cost reductions and process optimisation are key focus areas in our assignments. The energy market is a fascinating sector for creative and passionate engineers.

Supply Chain
The Netherlands is the logistics port of Europe. The Port of Rotterdam is one of the largest transhipment ports in the world. The logistics chain is optimised to transport goods to further destinations by water, road, rail and air transport. As an engineer in this sector you will primarily work with organisational issues in supply chain management. Your focus will be to optimise processes to improve functionality in the chain. Do you have a background in Supply Chain Management? Orion has leading clients such as ASML, DAF, Philips as well as many medium to small size clients that provide many career opportunities in the Supply Chain. See our job postings here.

Marine & Offshore
The Dutch maritime sector is a global leader where shipping companies, ship builders and suppliers set the course. Besides traditional merchant shipping, they focus on niche markets, such as offshore (windmills) machinery, placing and removing oil platforms and heavy loads. As an engineer you will face new challenges each time, both at the national and international level. Do you have a background in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or similar area? See our job opportunities in the Marine & Offshore industry.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals
The petrochemical industry processes crude oil, converting it into products that we use on a daily basis. There are risks involved when working with those types of products, which means that there is a continuous focus on safety, health and the environment. In this sector, Chemical Engineers work on establishing and improving processes. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers can work with the machinery. See our challenging assignments and jobs in the Oil, Gas & Chemical industry!

High tech & Semiconductors
The most advanced technologies are used in the high tech industry. There is a reason why the high tech sector is one of the nine top sectors in the Netherlands that is undergoing rapid development. Designing, developing and creating high tech equipment, micro and nano components is part of this sector. There are international top companies in the Brainport Eindhoven region that are active in the semiconductor and manufacturing industry, such as Philips and ASML, where engineers with diverse backgrounds can work on the most challenging projects.

Dutch companies and knowledge institutions have an excellent reputation in the development and production of components and segments for the aerospace industry. This provides wonderful challenges in a technologically advanced industry with a few of the largest companies in the world. Do you have a background in aerospace or mechanical engineering and would you like to work on the assignments offered by Orion Engineering? Have a look at our challenges in Aerospace!

Research & Development
Research and innovation supply better and new products that increase revenues and/or maintain the market position. Product and process innovation by companies leads to higher productivity. R&D is an area where you work on the latest concepts and prototypes and on the technologies of the future. Are you an ambitious engineer who would like to contribute to innovation? Check our R&D job postings.

Manufacturing & Production
Manufacturers produce new products from materials and are indispensable for the Dutch economy. Big companies in machinery construction and the (technological) manufacturing industry are VDL ETG, VDL Nedcar, ASML, Océ and Philips. They are global companies that stand out thanks to their innovative capacity and flexibility to provide their customers with products for a very competitive quality-price ratio. These are the environments of choice where engineers are fully challenged. Have a look at our jobs in Manufacturing & Production.

Installation Technology
Especially for Utility Building or  Housing Construction companies Orion Engineering offers a specific unit: DDA. We have, since the beginning, worked closely with companies involved in Installation Technology. We work together with the Customer on the design and development of high value technical installations for office buildings, hospitals, shopping centres and other functional building projects. DDA’s consultants provide innovative technical solutions, provide detailed design and arrange for the preparation and coordination of the realisation.

Construction & Infrastructure
Construction and infrastructure companies are constantly in motion. They provide an important contribution to a good residential, working and living environment in the Netherlands. Working together on a vibrant and sustainable sector is one of the spearheads. Organisations active in the industry are continuously involved with the (re)development of projects in the areas of construction, maintenance, renovation and installation. The working method has become more dynamic as a result of the increasing complexity of these projects. The types of contracts are changing and the projects are becoming more integral too.

We are always looking for highly educated professionals for the development and realisation of these projects, who are interested in pushing their boundaries. Are you, for example, educated to higher vocational or scientific education standard in Architecture, Civil Engineering or Industrial Engineering? Are you ready for a new challenge and are you interested in working on some fantastic projects? Then take a look at our vacancies here.