PCB Assembly Technician – Son En Breugel


Are you interested in working on PCBs for the High Tech industry and would you like to become a specialist in the field of electronic assembly? Then you are the PCB Assembly Technician we are looking for!


In this position you will independently assemble and solder electronic components, disassemble and change print panels or assemble units for the High Tech industry. You will do this with the help of drawings and work instructions. Within this position you will become part of a technical team in which you work on products both independently and individually. Within your first month we will already start with providing you with trainings and courses so you can become a specialist within the field of soldering. These trainings will certify you to work on high tech systems. Besides this you will get on the job training so you can become the best version of yourself at work!


As a PCB Assembly Technician you like working on a high precision level, for example you will be soldering under a microscope. Besides this, it's important for you to deliver quality. Preferably you have experience with hand soldering. If you don't have this experience but you do have a steady hand, we would definitely like to get in touch with you as well to see if you have the right skills to become a specialist in soldering. It is important that you have technical affinity.

In this position you will work in a two-shift roster. The working hours of this roster are:

  • Early shift: Monday to Friday from 06.00 AM to 14.50 PM
  • Late shift: Monday to Thursday from 14.40 PM to 24.00 AM, on Friday you will work from 14.40 PM to 21.30 PM and start your weekend early!


Orion Engineering staat bovenaan de lijst bij haar klanten als het gaat om het vinden van de beste kandidaten in de markt. Voor jou betekent dit dat er verschillende opties zijn om aan de slag te gaan en te werken aan de nieuwste ontwikkelingen in jouw vakgebied. Wij maken hét verschil met jou! Er staat voor jou dan ook altijd een Business Manager klaar die zorgt voor individuele begeleiding, zodat jij jezelf optimaal kunt ontwikkelen en jouw kennis naar een volgend niveau kunt tillen. Orion Engineering is dé regisseur voor het optimaal vormgeven van jouw loopbaan in de techniek!

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