Working at Boskalis

Boskalis is a large international maritime company that is active in many markets. The head office of Boskalis is located in Papendrecht (the Netherlands), but it has offices worldwide. Its activities are globally focused on dredging and offshore activities. However, through various acquisitions over the years they have been able to expand their activities considerably. Some of their activities:

Land reclamation
Coastal and shore protection
Construction (and maintenance) of ports
The construction, transport, installation and dismantling of offshore platforms
The construction of:

  1. Pipelines offshore
  2. Offshore cables and pipelines
  3. Wind farms

Provision of:

  1. Towing services
  2. Salvage activities

Orion Engineering focuses on the technical profiles within Boskalis. This means that we mostly speak to candidates with a technical intermediate or bachelor education in various disciplines such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Automotive Technology, Maritime Technology or Aerospace.

To get started at Boskalis it is important that you show an interest in the services that Boskalis provides. This is not a must from your study. If you have become interested in its activities or technology for another reason, we can discuss how you can best express this.

Orion Engineering has a long term relationship with Boskalis and has been working together for years. This means that the Business Manager within Orion Engineering knows Boskalis well and is therefore also well acquainted with the departments. Together we prepare your application thoroughly so that you can have a fantastic first meeting!


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