Orion Engineering has served as project sourcing agency of choice for engineering and technical jobs for almost 30 years. We would like to apply this knowledge and experience to find the ideal job for your technical talent!

You must have the right mindset to begin working on one of our innovative assignments. We are looking for people who are passionate about their work, people who thrive in a working environment with significant freedom and responsibilities.
We seek technical professionals who know how to work independently to deliver optimum performance, but who also work as part of a team. Your passion for technical work and engineering is a given, whereby we offer opportunities for professionals with secondary vocational education, BSc, MSc or PhD background in areas such as Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics, Automotive Technology, Aerospace, Systems & Control, Logistics and Mechatronics. You must be willing to continue growing in your field, since technology is a dynamic sector. Read our testimonials to learn more about the assignments of Orion.

The Orion Academy can guide you in your further development, both at the technical and personal level. Have a look at our webpage about our Academy to read more…

What do we offer?
Orion Engineering can shape your technical career path in different ways. You can work on a variety of different assignments so that you can gain broad experience or you can enter into a permanent employment position with the client in due course. Therefore, whether you are looking for a temporary assignment or a permanent job, Orion Engineering is the ideal place to develop your technical career. Contact us for more information or send us an open job application.

What sets Orion Engineering apart?
There are many different reasons to talk to us at Orion Engineering. We have a lot to offer:

  • Challenging and innovative assignments with the best companies
  • Ambitious environment with highly-driven colleagues
  • Good primary and secondary employment terms
  • Technical and personal training and certification
  • Flexible or permanent employment
  • Local support, international deployment opportunities
  • Room for self-initiative and adequate responsibility

Are you interested in more information? We would like to hear from you!