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Are you a (technical) engineer or have you just graduated and are you looking for a new challenge? Here you will find a wide range of diverse vacancies for engineers. We fill engineering vacancies on the basis of secondment. You will be employed by Orion Engineering for at least one year, with all the security and benefits that that we have to offer. At the same time, you gain relevant work experience at a company such as ASML, DAF, Philips or VDL, which is looking for you for their technical vacancy.

Below, you will find all the vacancies that Orion Engineering currently has available for you.

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A technical vacancy can mean anything, obviously. We have job offers for a broad target group of technical specialists. Ranging from electrical engineering to the complex physics involved in the production of chips or in semiconductors. You are someone who not only has an education that fits, but also someone who is ambitious.

Technical vacancies: working as technical engineer

If you are highly educated in a technical field, there are a lot of possibilities for you when it comes to work. A luxury, but also a pitfall. Choosing from several engineering vacancies is not easy, because you never know exactly what you will be doing. A vacancy for an engineer is quickly found and potential employers are eager to recruit you.

But how do you know in advance which work environment or company will make you happiest? Working via a secondment agency is the perfect solution. You can work for one of our partners in a challenging work environment. We work together with large, and smaller, leading companies. Our partners rely on us to find the right specialists for their vacancies. If you have the right profile, you could easily start working at one of our partners.

Technical secondment agency for engineers

Orion Engineering has been the secondment agency in the technical field for over 30 years. We are a technical secondment agency that helps major players in the market to find the right match. Orion Engineering has a technical vacancy for every professional who wants to be responsible for inventing, designing or advising on technical solutions. We offer vacancies in the following areas of engineering:

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Are you looking for a technical vacancy or are you considering accepting an offer, but find it difficult to make a choice? Then Orion Engineering is a logical step. Orion Engineering provides flexibility in the choice of your job. In addition, we offer recent graduates an exciting start of their career. You can choose from several challenging options and benefit from versatility and valuable work experience. Please contact us and we will discuss the possibilities with you.