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Jobs in technical and applied physics

Are you graduated in applied physics, mathematics, econometrics and/or are you looking for work in applied physics? We help you on your way with a large selection of vacancies for people like you. Because large tech companies are looking for specialists in applied physics or technical physics.

Related mathematics vacancies can also be found at Orion Engineering. Just like that challenging job with many prospects, in which you can combine various theoretical passions to create groundbreaking products that we will all be using in the future.

For us, it is all about you. We are there for (almost) university graduates, but also for technicians and physicists with experience, who are looking for something new. We take a good look at your profile and your wishes and see if we can make a match. At various companies and organisations, but also in an assignment that suits you. For example, if you are looking for long-term security, but also if you enjoy working with pioneering innovation and technology at different companies.


Our opportunities in applied physics.

High Tech & Semiconductors

PCB Designer – Eindhoven

Are you an analytical team player and do you have the ambition to grow your personal development on a broad scale at high-tech machine projects? Then this might be the opportunity for you to become the next PCB-Designer at one of our partners!

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Applied physics: what does it mean?

Applied physics and technical physics are interchangeable, but many technical physics professions use the English term to appeal to an international audience. Ultimately, there is no difference. As a technical physicist, you are always looking for ‘how the world works’. You use nature and translate the physical phenomena into applications in technology, with which new materials and technical equipment are made.

Jobs in applied physics

If you are looking for technical physics work, we guarantee we have the perfect job for you. This is due to our wide range of jobs in physics, mathematics, econometrics and other technical and theoretical fields of expertise. We have opportunities in the following areas:

  • Engineering physics jobs
  • Econometrics jobs
  • Other technical jobs

Applied physics vacancies

Vacancies in applied physics can be divided into master vacancies applied physics and bachelor vacancies applied physics. In the end, physicists are scarce and knowledge, experience and potential are what really count. We can help you find the position you maybe thought was (still) too high. We know what our clients need. This way, we know exactly how to match your ambitions.

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We would like to use our knowledge and experience to find the ideal place for your technical talent!